Managing your website redesign

A better process, from brief to going live

Many clients approach us needing a new website but unsure where to begin. The prospect of changing everything feels daunting. Like moving house or organising a wedding. You know it has to be done, but long for someone else to do it. We believe in a series of processes meaning managing your website redesign is like a well-oiled machine.

It’s a process we begin, run and complete constantly.

We offer an end-to end website design service, examining your online presence and, looking at your key target customers, figuring out how to reach them from a visual and verbal perspective.

The site needs to look great too – and we can help with every aspect of your new website from shooting new photographs to working with your copy to give it a sparkling overhaul.

How does a website project work?

Our web design projects run in a series of clearly defined phases to ensure you are clear at every stage what has been completed, how the site works and what remains to be done.

  • Initial design
    In the first instance, we showcase the design on InVision, an online modelling platform, to demonstrate, as closely as we can, finished look and feel.
  • Full website design
    With a design theme agreed, we then complete a full set of totally bespoke page designs to a completely finished standard for final signoff.
  • Build
    Our build stage: the development of your new site with a custom WordPress CMS.
  • Content upload
    Addition of initial copy and images and import of the current blog into the new design.
  • Live

For management consultant business AlgoMe Consulting, we devised a totally new brand language for their launch website.

‘Richard Chapman Studio helped us design our maiden website. It was a wonderful, collaborative process from the get-go.

‘Drawing on their experience and insight, Richard and his team guided our entire team through a rigourous, yet highly creative process, with a strong engagement with our Marketing lead.

‘As a result, our website truly captures the ethos and philosophy of our team, and speaks very clearly to our clients.

‘Today, we continue to collaborate with Richard Chapman Studio as our website evolves.’

Pierre-Yves S. Rahari, Director

See more of our work for AlgoMe Consulting

Commissioning a website for an established business

When it comes to a new website, it’s our team that are doing the heavy-lifting leaving you to review the new website as it takes shape. We like to have a friendly, iterative working process. This means fewer surprises and crisp, efficient progress.

It’s inevitable that large companies are going to have more to say and require a bigger scope of site. We start by writing up a long-form site map, understanding where the focus of your business is moving and ensuring the new site is prepared for that.

We also believe that sometimes ‘building Rome in a day’ isn’t desirable and can plot out staged launches. This means a new website can launch, then features and content are added in a managed way. We are a firm proponent of this sort of iterative website design which understands how you work and means you have your new site, sooner.

Legendary German manufacturing brand ORIS required a total rethink of their online presence – and we obliged, managing every aspect of this redesign.

Bourlet web design 1

Fine art framing business Bourlet has been in business for 200 years – their new website captures every aspect of their heritage as well as the continuity they offer to the art world today.

The future of e-commerce is in your pocket

Today you’re just as likely to buy a sofa on your phone as on your laptop, to use a digital ticket or boarding pass as a paper version.

This has been driven to a large extent by the advent of Apple and Android Pay. Making transactions safer and simpler has removed the point of attrition from the process, meaning buying something on a phone has lost any form of stigma.

When commissioning a website, the process has become simpler too. Deploying  a payment system that works as well on a phone as a desktop such as Shopify or PayPal is a real winner here. It’s trusted (no small matter), holds all the data for payment and reduces the hassle of online purchase drastically. Payment suppliers have finally understood that this is the key to people buying things: it has to be simple.

And simplicity, which surely comes from understanding your customer, isn’t a bad credo for any kind of design.

The Antique Dispensary Website design - home page
The Antique Dispensary Website design - tablet

Specialist sourcing website The Antique Dispensary offers a wealth of extraordinary treasures – powered by PayPal.

Need help managing your website redesign?

We’d love to help you realise your business ambitions with strong website design. Our team can work with you on every aspect of your business marketing, including –

  • a distinctive launch logo
  • a modern website showcasing your business to the world
  • a convincing, clear slide deck to present to investors and clients
  • that all-important business card

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