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A startup business logo design is a critically important undertaking. We often find that for the entrepreneur concerned, having done often huge amounts of due diligence on business plans, product development, as well as putting in place seed funding – the brand is often something that is left to the last minute, or as an afterthought. We can help avoid such a last-minute approach by preparing carefully, working with you and ensuring every aspect of the visual look of the start-up is in place well ahead of launch.

The visual look of a business is the moment where everything starts to become real. Remember, your customers and investors may like hearing about your ideas, but when they see your logo is the moment they really take you and your project seriously.

This page covers are a series of projects we’ve created from scratch for startup businesses, along with a brief background to each. Our work doesn’t just cover branding either – we usually combine such a project with the launch of a website as a single undertaking.

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LiNa Energy

At an outpost within Lancaster University in the north of England, LiNa Energy are working on the future of battery technology. We were intrigued to visit their labs and photograph the work going on there, featured in a new website for the startup business.

As well as designing the site, we’ve also worked on a new logo. With a play on two L-shapes creating a plus symbol, a really lovely identity has come into being. We’ve also rolled this new brand out onto investor presentation decks, electronic templates and email signatures.

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Alpenglow is a phenomenally successful emerging skiing holiday company.

We’ve been involved with this project since the outset – devising every aspect of their launch beginning with the logo design. This distinctive brand, for that is what it needed to be, has been a real hit, appearing on company literature, stickers and apparel.

The major part of the project was the brochure website which is where the company really took off – more information on that is at the link below.

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BeSure Testing

BeSure Testing Inc., is an American company offering breast screening..

We worked cross-borders, both in the UK and US, to create a new brand for BeSure inspired by the positive/negative nature of testing outcomes. With memorable, soft typography, the ‘B’ symbol and a split circle offer a friendly design which echoes their brand ethos of care and accuracy.

The BeSure Testing website we designed uses almost abstract images and video of women and their bodies, focussing in particular on their hands. The thinking was to ensure BeSure’s brand clearly suggested choice, autonomy and empowerment.

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Harrier Partners

Advising companies, management teams, entrepreneurs, family offices, private equity funds and governments, Harrier Partners are a unique financial services consultancy.

The management team at Harrier approached us to relook at every aspect of their brand – and our response was a strong, geometric identity that blends their namesake bird of prey with an almost mathematical sensibility.

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Alessia Nicolini Fashion Consultancy

Following a personal recommendation, we were approached by Alessia Nicolini  to discuss original branding design and a bespoke website design for her fashion and wedding planning consultancy.

Inspired by the idea that everything Alessia works on is a personal, creative project, we decided to propose a calligraphic identity that captures the elegance and clarity of the vision she brings to every project.

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