At the core of our work for ORIS is the brief to breathe creative equity back to a classic German manufacturing brand, originally founded in the mid-1950s and well-known across Europe for its patented swivelling towbars and bicycle carriers.

Our creative approach was on three fronts: to devise a new graphic language for the brand; to create a vast library of new product and lifestyle photography and video; then to design and build a fantastic consumer website bringing all this work into one place.

Devised over six months of photography in Germany and Hungary with a partnership of designers, photographers and video makers, the ORIS project represents an extraordinary creative collaboration.

This is the first time that ORIS has existed as a brand on its own terms online, having previously been part of its parent company’s product portfolio. Now it has a chance to flourish and gain the brand recognition for excellence it has long deserved.

What we did

  • Brand development
  • Art direction
  • Photography
  • Web design

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