Le Verre Gourmand

Le Verre Gourmand is a wholesale wine merchant based in Passy, just below ski resorts Chamonix and Megève in France. Marketing great, affordable wine to chalets, they also sell to hotels, restaurants, bars and private customers – in France and beyond.

The team at Le Verre Gourmand approached us to have a look at their logo firstly, so working with them, we devised a great new identity for the brand.

The new logo is now used widely – at their warehouse, as well as on delivery vehicles, internal stationery and even snug winter fleeces for their staff.

What we did


The new Verre Gourmand brand has been a huge success for the company and has coincided with the move to a new warehouse and significant growth in trade.

The wholesale wine trade, particularly in France, is an industry where investing in design is a little unusual, and in this case, it has proven a smart move.

The team on the ground locally believe that having a instantly-recognisable brand is key for the company as they visit restaurants, bars and chalets in the area around the warehouse which are busy year-round with tourists, but particularly during the ski season.

‘We are so chuffed with the new Le Verre Gourmand logo that Richard and his team designed for us. We wanted to strike the difficult balance of finding something that looked professional, yet showed a good chunk of personality.

‘The result is absolutely spot on and truly articulates how we see ourselves as a company.’

Sam Owens

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