Northbank Talent Management

We were approached by well-known literary agent Diane Banks to completely rebrand her business. With a radical business model which reaches far beyond publishing, Northbank Talent is a fresh take on creative management.

Northbank is a completely new brand, designed from the ground up. We devised a warm, open graphic language blended with an elegant corporate identity. The finished design is a nifty piece of typography with a sharp trim to the ‘o’ inspired by the curve of the River Thames.

At Northbank’s launch, the primary focus was their online presence which as it has grown has become three substantial websites covering all aspects of their work, featuring over sixty clients across several disciplines.

What we did


At the heart of this vibrant, colourful website is a blend of Northbank’s wide-ranging client base and their swift pace of work across six disciplines.

Featuring talents as wide-ranging as authors, television personalities, bloggers and other widely-recognised thought-leaders, this site has a massive scope. It covers every conceivable kind of output and media, both traditional and social.

Our goal was to create a new kind of talent agency website which felt genuinely fascinating – a client portfolio and source of diverse new content created especially for the site.

Northbank talent management Web design 1

“Following a capital raise we wanted to relaunch our business with an entirely new name and brand.

“We spoke to several design agencies but Richard’s grasp of our concept was apparent as soon as we began talking, which made the decision very easy.

“When branding your company, it’s crucial that your design team understand the subtleties of your ethos completely and I felt confident that Richard and his team were on the same wavelength as us throughout the process.

“We are delighted with the result and are looking forward to working with Richard Chapman Studio as our company grows.”

Diane Banks
CEO, Northbank Talent Management


Northbank Speakers and Northbank Creators are stand-alone offerings, one holding a roster of world-class keynote speakers available to hire for all manner of events, the other focussing on influencers and social media personalities.

Working with the team at Northbank we created a platform for a sister business – and set up two new sites with their own brand personality and approach. This necessarily was more commercial and newsy, with an upfront Search feature and shorter, punchier client profiles and more upfront media and social platforms.

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