St Giles in the Fields

We were first approached by Revd. Tom Sander, the then-new rector of St Giles in the Fields church, just adjacent to Soho and Tottenham Court Road in central London, back in February 2020. Tom wanted every aspect of the church’s approach to the outside world rethought, beginning with a logo and animation to appear on the church’s YouTube channel videos.

The logo we devised is a stylised version of the 18th Century church steeple and sits within newly-drawn typography, while the ‘in the fields’ is inspired by type within the church, providing a smart blend of ancient and modern.

To our delight, the logo now appears on everything the church produce, from their service sheets to event posters on the street. For us, the project has evolved in the time to include stylised, consistent graphics on all their social channels which are built in-house within Canva. Most recently we’ve completed an incredibly satisfying collaboration with sign-writer Hana Sunny, who’s created a totally hand-painted new church sign which gleams proudly onto the street at passers-by.

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