Anamcara Capital

Anamcara owner-founder Annelie Ajami runs her investment firm between Abu Dhabi and London, working with technology companies that facilitate small retail businesses. It’s a fascinating enterprise and one that’s growing quickly, with early investments in Ireland and Switzerland.

We developed a new identity for Anamcara with a symbol inspired by a climbing hook called a ‘carabiner’. Connections and support are at the heart of what the company does and this elegant looping icon feels like an ideal design resolution.

The central visual motif of the brand is a set of striking, extraordinarily beautiful illustrations by Pamplona-based artist Jesús Sotés. We commissioned these pieces of art which are set on a sort of virtual high street. A grocery, a yoga studio, a bakery: all places where the investments Anamcara make could make a real difference to the success of a local business.

Working with Richard is a dream. Richard is a visionary and has an uncanny ability to put it all perfectly into words. He is incredibly eloquent communicating ideas, concepts and designs. He immerses himself completely into your project. This makes working with him a real privilege.

I wouldn’t classify myself as the ideal client – I was indecisive at times and threw various curveballs. But Richard is a true professional. He is very calm and always receptive to new ideas. He’s also just a great person with the best energy.

Working together was one amazing adventure and the result is beyond anything I ever imagined. I want to do it again.

Annelie Ajami
Owner and Founder, Anamcara Capital

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