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Are you after an experienced team to help you with branding and web design for your tech firm – whether a startup or established tech business? Look no further.

Our project work sees us running design briefs remotely, internationally, on a day to day basis. We’re used to managing competing interests and tricky timezones, all while being your partner and always maintaining a steely focus on your end-user.

We’re used to working with founders but understand a tech firm will grow quickly and we will need to adapt and work with new people as that happens. When it does, we will remember the firm’s core ethos in everything we do, meaning the end result maintains the original vision.

… and remember, when it comes to your branding and website, it’s us doing the hard work. The process will be straightforward for you and your team.

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Our experience:
AI software firm Skyral

Working with the founder and board of Skyral was an incredible experience: they ran the gamut from former special forces to tech startup legends. Following a carve-out from gaming firm Improbable AI, the branding project had to operate to a very tight deadline as we ran to the launch announcement.

The website launched in two phases in concert with fundraising rounds, which provided us a great opportunity to iterate on the design as we went, delivering and expanding the project following UX research.

And this project wasn’t all digital… we even curated the inevitable hoodie.

We even did the hoodie – an example of best practice branding and website design for tech firms

Our experience:
Atempo Growth provide growth lending for tech

With an Italian founder, we found the inspiration to lean into the graphics of 1980s disco record sleeves for the branding and graphics of this growth-lending firm.

The graphics were then bought to life with a series of vector animations we custom drew based on the brand graphics. It’s a great example of what a company can do to lend personality and a memorable visual appeal. The great thing here is that the site has grown and grown, and the graphics have really become their brand’s calling card.

‘Since we started working with you guys, things have really catapulted.

‘Assets under management doubled as a result of rebranding – you can see the difference from the minute we finished the project.

‘We’re doing more business now than we’ve ever done and thanks to you, we’ve had a really good couple of years.’

Will Butterwick, Venture Capital Fundaiser

Our experience:
Financial data firm EquityWatch

With an established business, EquityWatch had a tired logo and a confusing website which they decided to completely overhaul.

We developed a new logo for the firm inspired by graphic metaphors around vision and observation. The concept for the design was based on an almost Scandinavian house style, which we expanded and worked into a series of semi-circles which repeat and expand with animation and creative minimal typography.

The end result has been a website which the CEO described as ‘an amazing job’.

EquityWatch – an example of best practice branding and website design for tech firms

Our experience:
Pre-/seed stage fund investing firm Anamcara

Seeking the art of the different, founder Annelie Ajami sought something creative and striking from any other tech funding company. We suggested a series of illustrators that might provide the firm with the otherworldly approach that Annelie wanted and eventually we decided to work with Pamplona-based artist Jesús Sotés.

Together we commissioned these surrealist pieces of art which are set on a sort of virtual high street. A grocery, a yoga studio, a bakery: all places where the investments Anamcara make could make a real difference to the success of a local business.

These days Anamcara are known ‘as the company with those mad drawings’ – and the business goes from strength to strength, meaning the creative ideas we came up with achieved their aims.

‘Working with Richard is a dream. Richard is a visionary and has an uncanny ability to put it all perfectly into words. He is incredibly eloquent communicating ideas, concepts and designs. He immerses himself completely into your project. This makes working with him a real privilege.

‘I wouldn’t classify myself as the ideal client – I was indecisive at times and threw various curveballs. But Richard is a true professional. He is very calm and always receptive to new ideas. He’s also just a great person with the best energy.

‘Working together was one amazing adventure and the result is beyond anything I ever imagined. I want to do it again.’

Annelie Ajami Owner and Founder, Anamcara Capital

Anamcara – an example of best practice branding and website design for tech firms

Working for a tech firm that needs to look sharper?

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