Bexa is a new, highly effective breast exam technology that employs high resolution elastography to produce a map of abnormal breast tissues and masses.

We were approached by Dr Joe Peterson, the CEO of Sure, Inc. in California which own Bexa, with a daunting request. Could we rework their broadly technical site to one which instead focussed on women without the benefit of early detection of breast cancer – in just four weeks?

It turns out, we could. First of all, we rethought the branding around Bexa, devising a new colour palette inspired by skintones, which we paired with gentle lines and shapes based on Bexa’s scanning technology. These were bought to life with cutting-edge web animation, creating a new visual language.

To structure the site, we focussed on clear typography with plenty of space around it. The end result is an urgent yet conversational site, telling a story of underserved communities and Bexa’s mission of ‘no woman left behind’.

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