Green Structural Engineering

The first part of our work for Green Structural Engineering was a subtle redraw of their longstanding logo. We loved the way that the S appeared from the negative space between the G and E but felt it needed refining. Applying modern typography and a new colour palette delivered GSE a refreshed identity to celebrate their 15th anniversary.

The key focus of the GSE project was a new website which is delivered with a substantial page count, significantly expanding upon its predecessor. The idea was to focus both on the firm’s core areas of expertise and the disparate industries (and people) they work with as well as many other endeavours, not least their commitment to sustainability.

The end result features a wide ranging set of architectural illustrations we devised and animated in-house, delivering sleek, linear movement throughout a site which is focussing on a highly technical skillset. In this way, we found an alignment between GSE’s complex work and the design we created for them.

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