The KOA project has been a labour of love for us: it’s hit so many deeply satisfying creative markers. Our work to date is a thrilling showcase for the combination of a strong design team with partners such as talented photographers and strategic specialists – as well as a deeply engaged client.

KOA began with a brief to define its identity for a years-long planned series of projects in Al Barari, an area of developing desert, east of the centre of Dubai.

As well as working remotely from London, to capture the area and its mood, a significant early piece of work was the direction of stylised custom location photography locally. This project studs our work, and has subsequently been turned into large format signage around the site.

With branding established, online we defined a visual world with a network of websites for each of their businesses. At the heart of this is the main KOA site, featuring our graphic design combined with carefully chosen brand typography, bought to life with specially-drawn, fused imagery and web animation.

The end result is a complete visual brand for a visionary business.

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