My Plumber Man

The original ‘My Plumber Man’ is Rory O’Neill, founder of this local plumbing firm in Fulham, west London.

It’s been a goal to work with Rory for some years, and we’re so pleased he finally agreed to let us re-work his website – and this is the result.

Having seen his vans on the streets of Fulham for some years, we’ve always admired Rory’s approach to design – he’s had the same, friendly, memorable logo for ten years. This project expands that brand to include great photography, customer video testimonials embedded from YouTube and snappy calls-to-action.

We believe this is great example of a great local business using a custom web design filled with their brand personality to make the most of marketing their business on the web.

What we did

  • Web design
  • Front-end development and content management system

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