Royal Society of Arts

The mission of the Royal Society of Arts is to enrich society through ideas and action.

Over the past few years we have been engaged by the RSA to work on a series of design projects, including the two featured here – the launch of the new RSA Future Work Centre and a longform report-style history of their Student Design Awards.

What we did


As part of RSA Chief Executive Matthew Taylor’s commission by the Government to look at modern employment practices, the RSA has launched a new project to look at ways in which this work would be implemented.

The RSA approached us to create a ‘visual motif’ for the launch print and web materials – and this is the first evidence of this work.

The finished design uses a graphic, stylised spiral staircase and an eye-catching folding mechanism.


The RSA approached us to design a report marking the 90th anniversary of their annual Student Design Awards.

Inspired by classic pattern making, the pages are bought to life with a design using the historic British ‘houndstooth’ motif.

As we worked on the cover and interior pages of the report, we began to see the pattern as a way of showing time passing as well as being inherently a historical design element, so the cover hints at different themes and their relevance over the years.

A key part of the project was to explain the wide range of different themes the Awards have tackled over the years. Rather than use dry data, we created an information graphic showing the evolution of the awards using our houndstooth design in a different, creative way.

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