Shine School Media Awards

We are proud to actively support the Shine School Media Awards!

Design is obviously something we love, and to see it nurtured in education is very rewarding. Shine is an annual awards day for young people who write, design and promote a school magazine – in print and online.

The initial focus of the project each year is the winners book. This brochure is handed out on the day of the awards itself in June and contains the winners’ work, their photos and background to the judging.

UK Print Industry Solutions Award 2016 for ‘Best Environmental Solution’

UK Print Industry Solutions Award 2017 for ‘Best Environmental Solution’
UK Print Industry Solutions Award 2017 for ‘Best Paper Solution’

UK Print Industry Solutions Award 2018 for ‘Best Environmental Solution’

UK Print Industry Solutions Award 2019 for ‘Best Paper Solution’

UK Print Industry Solutions Award 2020 for ‘Best Paper Solution’

What we did


One of the things when we began work on Shine is to achieve was a great, modern identity for the awards.

The previous logo seemed in need of a polish, so we kept its basic essence and added some fresh typography (which then continued through the winners book) and more than a hint of Joan Miró…

This year’s winners’ book was printed with two special colours on a gatefold cover. It’s our sixth version of the book and we’re so pleased with the end result.


As part of our work for Shine, we’ve designed and built a modern, custom-design website for the awards.

The site features extensive information for entrants, an application form for future entrants and a blog which features ongoing news in the run-up to each year’s ceremony in June.

Shine School Media Awards Website Design 1
Shine School Media Awards Website Design 2


During the 2015 awards we had the idea of shooting some simple footage of the awards day on our phones, which was combined with still photography to better give entrants an idea of what the awards are like and the atmosphere of attending the awards at Stationers’ Hall in London.

But we decided we wanted to go one better.

The 2016 awards ceremony was followed by a new short film which we launched this summer.

It’s a massive step forward and a great-looking professional finished film of the day.

Below is Carlo Teofilo, our fantastic film-maker, filming Helen Esmonde, 2015-16 Master of the Stationers’ Company.

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