Woodville Litigation Funding

Keen for a new brand and market position, specialist lending business Woodville Litigation Funding approached us to deliver a radical rethink to their visual design.

Our response was a highly graphic new approach which begins with an immediately memorable, geometric identity. The base shapes of the design are then expanded first to a set of patterns, then to a more literal typographic approach highlighting Woodville’s straightforward approach to business.

This idea then travels across a wide set of marketing materials, focussing on documents such as one-page loan notes, application forms and informative literature intended to demystify the ‘after the event’ insurance lending in which they specialise.

The new website takes the graphic branding one step further, bringing it to life with a set of custom drawn digital animations, delivering a bold and engaging online experience.

What we did

“Since we started working with you guys, things have really catapulted.

“Assets under management doubled as a result of rebranding – you can see the difference from the minute we finished the project.

“We’re doing more business now than we’ve ever done and thanks to you, we’ve had a really good couple of years.”

Will Butterwick
Venture Capital Fundaiser

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