Yasmin Alsdais Interior Design

Our goal with this project was to devise a new platform for Saudi interior designer Yasmin Alsdais to promote her business. The new site is aimed at clients locally in Riyadh as well as throughout the GCC who have a taste for a fresh take on Middle Eastern interior design.

Yasmin’s design style is an eclectic, heady mix of Arabic, North African and European styles. This blend of influences has a rapt audience with a domestic client base that has ensured the Studio’s work features in palaces, apartments and opulent private homes. Commercial projects sit alongside these on the site and include cafés, gyms and hospitals.

To deliver the project worked with Yasmin’s project manager on the ground in Riyadh as well as her photographers who were creating bespoke imagery for the site and uploading locally. Finally, we worked remotely with the team to polish and complete the site before its ‘live date’.

What we did

  • Creative concept
  • Web design
  • Front end development

I approached Richard for a website with a pretty good idea in my mind of what I wanted. Over the course of the few months that we worked together Richard took us through each step gently, with minimal bumps on the way.

Whenever any problem arose Richard and team were quick to fix it and get back to us. They were also open and flexible through the project as we asked them to tinker with the design or add a new function.

We are thrilled to have a beautiful website at hand now thanks to Richard Chapman Studio.

Yasmin Alsdais
Creative Director

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If you require design work to this kind of exacting, high spec we would be really interested in working with you.

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