A drive for creativity and ‘to do something different’ is one we understand well. So when Boodlah founder Jane Hines asked us to consider a logo and website for her business idea of a range of unique embroidered bags and bracelets, the temptation to be a part of her project was irresistible.

The end result is a wonderful, sleek piece of typography which alludes lightly to stitching with its crossover letterforms and feels rich and plus with tangerine and plum colouring inspired by the colours of wool used in Boodlah’s finished pieces.

For a simple website, the shop works hard, integrating directly with Shopify for a really effective sales tool at a practical cost for a startup. There’s plenty of scope to add new products too, setting Boodlah up for a fantastic first year.

What we did

“An internet search brought me to Richard Chapman Studio – and what good luck that was!

“Richard and his team helped bring Boodlah’s visual branding to life and created a beautiful website.

“I was so pleased with their work and particularly Richard’s innate sense of style and ability to deliver the specific desired look and feel.”

Jane Hines

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