Cornerstone VC

Cornerstone VC is a new investment enterprise aimed at strong, diverse teams of entrepreneurs. The firm has hit the ground running with a series of highly successful projects across sectors they’re calling ‘live, work, play’. What more do we need, after all?

Our work involved developing the launch brand which was the result of dozens of concept ideas that we worked on. Satisfyingly, the end result feels like the effortless, obvious choice of all those iterations, the hallmark of a successful project.

On the web, the brand comes to life with a range of custom-created animations which take the colours and graphic shapes of the brand icon and playfully inform the content: swiping, expanding and flowing through the pages.

What we did

“Richard and the team have been a delight to work with, instantly understanding the brief and leveraging his artistic flair to deliver a project we’re all extremely proud of.

“I highly recommend Richard and the team if you’re after world class output.”

Edwin Appiah

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If you require design work to this kind of exacting, high spec we would be really interested in working with you.

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