Jennifer Vyvyan Foundation

Jennifer Vyvyan was a hugely popular opera singer who was highly regarded during a career that spanned the late 1950s through to her untimely passing in 1974. With a charitable foundation in her name ongoing, we were approached to create an identity design and new website that acts as a biography and tribute.

The website catalogues a vast treasure trove of material collected from her personal life and entire professional career and is an extraordinary resource for fans of Vyvyan, opera enthusiasts and those entirely unfamiliar with her artistic oeuvre.

As a project, this site is respectful of a fascinating and extraordinary person while being highly creative. Using large source imagery and beautiful typography, we have also added music throughout using custom music embeds, as well as video, creating a custom YouTube channel.

The end result is a tribute to a fascinating musician and artist, bringing her magic to a new generation.

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