Lyceum Fit

Lyceum Fit is the brainchild of Robbie, George and Sabina, a trio of personal trainers who decided to open a fitness studio together. After searching for the right space, they settled on a refurbished 1950s space, part of the Sands End Arts & Community Centre, adjacent to South Park in Fulham, west London.

Our work with the team has been a brand and marketing exercise, developing the identity and applying that and a design scheme we’ve created alongside that to signage, flags, banners and leaflets in an ongoing effort to launch the business.

The studio is effectively a long corridor, which lends itself particularly well to the one-on-one training that Lyceum offers. When they moved in, the space was completely whitewashed and somewhat sterile. We’ve enjoyed applying the branding to the studio, with our team spray-painting the graphics to the walls, delivering a visual energy, informality and vibrancy which matches the ethos of the team.

What we did

graphics and branding for London gym
graphics and branding for London gym
graphics and branding for London gym

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