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During summer 2011, we were approached by a resurgent Oddbins to give their stores personality and vibrancy. Following a buy-out, the stores had no promotional material and needed some bold, quirky ‘Oddbins design’ posters to intrigue and re-engage their customer base.

Following the success of these, we then went on to design all the signage in-store, including point of sale material. Eventually this came to vary with each marketing campaign so the posters we were designing in the windows had matching POS on the bottles in store.

We were particularly proud when our work for Oddbins was featured in Design Week.

We have designed dozens of posters for Oddbins, a handful of which are below. In addition, our work for the company includes all manner of uniquely branded promotional campaigns, competitions and leaflets. We have also worked on in-house illustration, photographed the staff and stores and devised creative direction on a relaunched wine fair.

What we did

oddbins design


A key project for Oddbins was the design of in-store shelf signage to ensure customers could easily find product.

Traditionally Oddbins had done this by dividing wine into countries, a practice that they were keen to continue. However, working with the marketing team, as part of the redesign we also added sections such as ‘Top of the Vines’, where best selling product was mixed across countries, colours and vintages.

Overall, this key project led to a clean, modern look to the stores across the estate.


During summertime, Oddbins’ key marketing strategy has been to encourage their customers to explore new wines – and we created a series of striking illustrations inspired by Italian travel posters from the 1950s, launched in two sets.

This memorable series was followed up with a promotion inspired by retro pulp-fiction novels, given suggestive and witty titles and authors – all in the name of promoting in-store product, of course.


Another poster series used a quirky graphic concept which was based on working with Oddbins’ existing brand identity.

The idea was that despite the logo being designed in the early 1980s, the posters had never been designed to sit alongside them, so that was our starting point.

These posters worked as an ongoing set but used this graphic device in a different way for each campaign.


In addition to our regular work for Oddbins, we’ve particularly enjoyed designing those quirky little projects that have come along the way unexpectedly.

These have included special promotions to win a turkey at Christmas, their annual competition ‘The Palette’ which had its own identity, poster and in-store promotions and other fun bits of print design such as stickers and in-store point of sale.

oddbins design

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