Owen Jones

Guardian journalist and broadcaster Owen Jones approached us to assist with the relaunch of his YouTube channel, looking at the graphics that would brand it and provide an enduring concept for the ‘title cards’ of his new weekly politics talkshow.

As we began work, our scope quickly expanded: the project had massive potential and we pitched the idea of a wider brief. With Owen’s enthusiastic backing we looked at a single theme with separate iterations that would work across YouTube, Twitter and a Patreon account to self-fund his new projects.

Taking these ideas to the next level, we worked with our longtime collaborator, videomaker Carlo Teofilo, creating animated title graphics for the YouTube channel giving a punchy, highly professional look to the start of Owen’s Sunday show.

Using these graphics as the visual starting point, we devised a simpler version of Carlo’s animation as the basis of Owen’s new website which acts as an ‘index’ to the full scope of his work, online and in print as well as a full index of videos and subscription point for his increasingly popular podcast.

What we did

“Richard and his team produced incredible work that transformed my YouTube channel.

“They worked to a very last minute schedule and delivered a result I honestly could not have been happier with.”

Owen Jones
Journalist and broadcaster

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