Policy Connect

Policy Connect is a think tank advising Parliamentarians. Our work includes the design of bold, memorable long-form public policy report design as well as wide-ranging brand collateral and their huge suite of websites.

Over the years, we have worked with illustrators on cover and interior design elements as well as creating and art directing this process ourselves. In particular we believe that a striking, graphic report cover can win attention in a far better way than a flurry of press releases.

We roll out all the documents which usually run to between 50 and 90 pages – including bespoke information graphics – flowcharts, graphs, piecharts and quirky illustrations.

What we did

‘I cannot speak highly enough of Richard and his team. In all our work together he continues to add clear and distinct value.

‘Beyond simply designing beautiful publications for us, he goes deeper and challenges our whole thinking about a document, helping us reimagine how a policy report can be structured so as to engage readers with compelling messaging and impactful content. I’ve lost count of how many compliments we’ve received for the quality of Richard’s work.

‘An invaluable asset. I look forward to working with him for many years to come.’

Peter Barrett
Head of Communications


With a new Government in power, the Skills Commission published ‘A Guide to the Skills System’ in July 2015 at a launch event at the House of Lords, to wide cross-party support.

We believe that using bold, instantly recognisable graphic design is the key to the success of these pieces of work, something that few other public policy organisations spend time on.


A particularly landmark report was Restarting Britain 2. Like nearly all the reports we work on, it was featured widely across the media and in this case was cited in Parliament by The Rt Hon Barry Sheerman MP. This screengrab features the moment Barry wielded the report in the House of Commons.

Overall, we have designed dozens of reports for Policy Connect, but the most important one is always… the next one. They seem so intense, vital and are such a pleasure to work on.


Additionally, we have designed templates for Policy Connect’s website, and the sites of all its separate groups, research commissions forums and campaigns.

The main site has its own distinct look, while all the sub-sites are based on a series of templates with their own colour palette to main uniformity, but give each a sense of its own individuality.

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