Scandi Standard

Scandi Standard is a publicly-traded corporation which owns the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian chicken brands Kronfågel, Danpo and Den stolte Hane.

As the parent company, Scandi Standard is Scandinavia’s leading chicken producer co-ordinating these three major consumer brands into a single cross-regional and global entity.

In a huge branding project, we proposed the name of the new parent company and designed the corporate identity.

Our creative brief from Scandi Standard involved a three-step design process involving team meetings in Stockholm and Copenhagen, before, during and after the merger.

What we did


Having devised the brand look and its various permutations, we then wrote the usage guidelines for the new company – a major undertaking of its own.

This kind of project is where a brand really establishes its priorities, values and meaning.

Our work for Scandi Standard established the overall ‘look and feel’ of the company – its visual style.


Our scope of work included a major project of PowerPoint templating for Scandi Standard.

We created a large series of templates and our designs were then built by a specialist Microsoft Office programming company in Sweden.

Please note the presentation below contains sample text.

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