building site hoarding design

Back to 3D: a fantastic London building site hoarding design project

Some of the most exciting work we do is time limited. Here today gone… if not tomorrow then in the not-too-distant future. In a world where we try and design for the long-term, the temporality of a project like this is the point – and attraction given its scale, too. Designing something unusual, possibly offbeat, gusty even, it’s possible to take a few risks and be more playful. So it is with this wonderful building site hoarding design project we’ve just completed for a longtime client, Indigo Design Associates, in Wimbledon village, south west London.

building site hoarding design

The final pre-print rendering of our building site hoarding design for Indigo Design Associates

A compulsive hoarding

Back in December, Colin at Indigo Design Associates approached us about a massive building project for which they had recent broken ground on Parkside, at the heart of Wimbledon village. He was after a massive graphic hoarding that would sit at the front of the build for the duration of the build.

What he was after was a design that achieved something notably different from the minimal kind of branding and web design work we’ve completed for him and other interiors specialists in the past. Rather, this hoarding had to achieve a variety of ends. In particular it had to place Indigo and their construction partner Knowles front and centre. Additionally it was necessary to feature branding for all the other partner companies involved in a simple, elegant way that ensured everyone was shown equally.

Finally, the brief had a clear secondary aim – to set out the extraordinary environmental credentials of the build. For Indigo, it was the most ambitious approach they had ever taken in this regard and they wanted to showcase what they were achieving with the project.

building site hoarding design

A sunny March day closeup of our building site hoarding design for Indigo Design Associates

No clutter

As we approached the brief, we realised we had the most fantastic opportunity to do a piece of design work that was eye-catching, colourful and completely unlike other projects we were working on. The team at Indigo had also briefed in a creative approach that was strong and graphic, in keeping with their radically modern build.

With a series of swirls, curves and mix of colour, we saw the work as a deeply enjoyable opportunity to be let off the leash and create something completely one-off. I must say that despite having seen so many iterations of it over the weeks, the end result made me smile when I saw it for the first time. It hits the brief of course, but it’s a wonderful piece of geometric whimsy too.

What I find particularly interesting here is that by choosing to deploy this sort of graphic design and placing their values at the heart of the piece, Indigo have set themselves apart. At a stroke, they move from being a firm who just selects rugs and paint swatches to different kind of business, one that is embracing ethics and responsibility in construction.

It’s a smart move, in every sense.

building site hoarding design

Side view of our building site hoarding design for Indigo Design Associates

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