Visiting our wine trade design client Le Verre Gourmand

wine trade design

In the past year we’ve worked on a number of great projects for our wine trade design client Le Verre Gourmand.

The first of these was the corporate branding for the company, which is based in the ski resort region of Chamonix and Megève, in eastern France. Following agreement of the design, the branding went on to appear on stationery, building signage, their fleet of delivery vans and online.

However, until last weekend we had never visited the warehouse and seen the logo in situ. So, given it’s August and it’s pretty wonderful in that part of the world at the best of times, but particularly now, last weekend we headed down to the small town of Passy where the warehouse is situated to take a look and take one or two photos for our portfolio.

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How to make Instagram work for your SME

At turns compulsive, engrossing and impossible to ignore (or is that just me?), Instagram is arguably the best truly social media in the world today. Instagram has taken photo sharing, the element of Facebook people love best, and built a distinctive, instantly-recognisable suite of tools to improve image quality, then make them public. In so doing, Instagram has created a genuine community around ‘where you are’ and ‘what you’re doing’.

On the face of it, Instagram is the simplest offering imaginable: posting photos of friends or views isn’t exactly revolutionary. However what makes it successful is its informal, ‘soft’ yet persistent influence. A number of apparently simple features combine potently: the gradual growth in users’ followers; the number of likes they receive from a huge global audience; the way that hashtags create an immediate subsection of the app across topics and interests, and the different tones and themes of sophisticated users’ feeds.

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