New website for the Shine School Media Awards

Shine School Media Awards

We’re really proud of our association with the Shine School Media Awards which goes back several years now.

Our work has covered the gamut in that time. From rebranding the Awards, designing their book of winning students each summer over the last four years, to now creating a completely new website.

It had long been our intention to rework the site which we originally laid out in 2014. Time moves on and the build from three years ago needed a fresh start.

We’re keen to attract the attention of students who are teenagers from 13 or 14 years old…  and these guys are smart! So we’re needing to appeal to some of the most tech-savvy young people you’re likely to find in the UK.

No pressure then…

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Understanding luxury hotel branding – FBR Consulting

luxury hotel branding

Over the years I’ve had some really great experiences working within the hospitality industry – and more specifically, within luxury hotel branding. Interestingly that’s often involved hotels outside the UK rather than here at home. In particular, fantastic experiences doing a photoshoot in northern Italy and a boutique hotel Cape Town come to mind.

Then more recently we’ve been involved working on print projects such as menu systems for the Rosewood Hotel here in London which has been a great experience.

Now however we have a fascinating combination of the two – a London based agency with a client base almost entirely in southern Europe. This lovely project is the branding of an emerging marketing business focussing on luxury hotels.

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New interiors web design: Church & Rose

interiors web design

Some of the best projects come about after a slow burn-type build up. So it was with Chuch & Rose, who first approached us to talk about a new look interiors web design for the consultancy back at the very start of 2017. I absolutely adore working on web design for interiors specialists so was immediately intrigued at the project. However the timing wasn’t quite right for them – so we waited a little. I confess that patience is not always one of my strong suits, but in this case it was rewarded and happily the phone rang a few months later with an instruction to begin work.

The lovely thing about Church & Rose’s work – at least from an outsider’s perspective – is that it is centered around comfort. I look at their interiors and immediately feel like I could relax in any of these homes. Quite a skill.

The other facet I am struck by is that, amid a set of British countryside homes on their portfolio, there is this very fresh, modern perspective.

This approach occasionally makes its presence felt in their more traditional ‘country home’-type projects too, something I find fascinating.

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A guide to keeping your website updated

Keeping your website updated

In general there are two approaches to keeping your website updated: the first is general housekeeping to keep it looking fresh, the other tends to be a more radical appraisal of redesign or relaunch.

However I thought it might be interesting, as well as these two, to look at a couple of more nuanced approaches to maintaining a website. After all, despite the ever-changing options of programming technology – not to mention how design approaches change – websites are invariably online in their original form for several years at a time.

Designing, building and uploading content to a site from scratch also tend to be massive jobs from a staffing and project management perspective. So the ground-up reboot is not to be undertaken lightly.

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Spring clean your business branding!

With the turn of the year behind us, suddenly 2017 is well underway. The days are a little longer than they were and suddenly daylight is shining on certain parts of the office which suddenly look a little too cluttered. Time for a bit of a clear-up…

It makes me think: that could be advice on all sorts of levels. What about business strategy? Marketing? Corporate identity? It could be you too look around and suddenly realise – it’s time to re-work your business branding.

Needless to say (once we’ve done that tidy-up ourselves this afternoon) my team and I will be only to pleased to help you.

Having a great plan for your next step – goals, new clients to meet, sales targets, for instance – is a great starting point. There’s no point in just taking a new broom to your business if you haven’t a few ideas with what to do when you’re finished.

But if you don’t know where to begin, don’t worry…

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Taylor & Hart – diamond jewellery website design for the American market

diamond jewellery website design

It’s not very often that we start a large scale online retail project completely from scratch, let alone a retail one.

Yet this was the fantastic undertaking we were handed to work on by Taylor & Hart: a diamond jewellery website design brief.

The company focusses on creating beautiful, customised diamond engagement rings.

Our new site takes customers through every aspect of the process of choosing that special ring.

Taylor & Hart is a new brand established replacing the long-standing Rare Pink signature. With the next step for the company being a move into the American market, it was felt that it was worth considering a new name.

So with a subtle tribute to Savile Row tailors and using the British surname that sonically echoes a beating heart – a new brand was born.

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