Got the bottle: new wine trade catalogue design for Maisons Marques et Domaines

While I’m fervently of the belief that ‘print will be back’, there’s no denying that this past year has been tough on that side of our work. Clients have had doubts if printed brochures and catalogues have enduring value when face-to-face handover opportunities such as meetings or conventions aren’t possible. There’s also an irksome trend towards saving print budgets as everything or anything can be emailed or downloaded.

This decline is something I’ve been thinking about a lot and as it happens, I don’t think that it is a trend that’s going to last. My reasoning is that the charm of the physical object will never ebb. How else to explain why booksellers have had their best year ever?

Yet, for now at least, while we’re stuck in a digital download world, the ethos and design values of print echoes through our work. It’s evident, I feel, that the wine trade catalogue design for our longtime client, Louis Roederer’s UK trade arm Maisons Marques et Domaines, is intended to be read as a book, as spreads. It’s an interesting approach: ‘print design, just without the print’, that is captured in a nutshell with this project.

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