Solutions Award win for our print design work

We are thrilled to say that following our double nominations at the print industry’s Solutions Awards, this week we were joint winners! It’s a really fantastic recognition of our work over the past year and the team and I are absolutely thrilled. The winning project was our work for concierge service Thadeus London in the Best Solution for Paper category.

We see this wonderful prize as  huge boost going into 2020 and with so much of our time being spent on the web it’s fantastic to achieve an award win for our print design work.

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Two design award nominations at Solutions 2019

design award nominations

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve been shortlisted twice for the Solutions Awards 2019. These design award nominations represent the fifth consecutive year we’ve been recognised by one of the print industry’s biggest annual award events.

The two projects that have made the cut this year are an elegant brochure with superb print finishing for personal concierge service Thadeus London and our latest longform winners book for the Shine School Media charitable project.

People always say this sort of thing, but in a particularly demanding year it’s genuinely so gratifying to be recognised, particularly in the context of the illuminati of the print business. As we head towards the awards ceremony in November with fingers crossed, we’d like to particularly thank PurePrint, who were involved in both of these projects and also co-sponsor the Shine project with us.

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True blue: Shine 2019 is a case study in modern print design

modern print design

It’s our sixth year working on the Shine School Media Awards project and every time we get involved, something fascinating comes out of it that none of us expected.

The Awards programme recognises talented young people from around the UK who produce a school newspaper, magazine, podcast or website. Each summer, nominated students gather at Stationers’ Hall in the City of London for a day of workshops, talks from industry experts and of course an exciting and frequently moving awards ceremony.

Our design job is to create an overall look for each year’s awards including a ‘step and repeat’ backdrop for photos or selfies, a day programme and a forty-plus-page book of the winning and highly-commended students and sponsors’ ads.

Our goal each year is the same – to create a fantastic piece of modern print design.

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The Barbican: a gutsy approach to design for campaigns

design for campaigns

The Barbican Estate is an internationally recognised Grade II* listed brutalist masterpiece revered by students (young and old) of the genre and most crucially by its residents.

You wouldn’t think such an icon it would be subject to fundamental structural change – but it seems there are no sacred cows when it comes to London’s built environment in 2019. To local dismay, the City of London School for Girls has announced proposals for a significant expansion within the Barbican Estate.

Supporting a grassroots appeal to debate these plans, we have built a new photography library and created materials for the press to give life to this nascent movement. This has unexpectedly turned into a smart little design project – and a great case study of graphic design for campaigns.


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Maison Marques et Domaines – new print design for the wine trade

Every January, wine importer Maison Marques et Domaines holds a tasting of their new portfolio of wines at a central London venue. With buyers from across the UK attending, MMD hand each visitor a spiral-bound notebook covering all the exhibitors and wines.

Experiencing perhaps dozens of wines in a session, this notebook acts both as each visitor’s guide to the event and reference to the tasting.

We were approached by Maison Marques et Domaines to create a new version of the notebook that felt both considered and professional, giving a fresh look to the piece. Having worked in this industry for many years, it’s a real pleasure to complete this piece and create some new print design for the wine trade.

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Elegant new brochure design for lifestyle management business Thadeus

How best to convey a sense of exclusivity? Whenever designers face the challenge of creating something that stands out, the best way is to define the brand in a distinctive way. That’s great but in a world of aspiration, the fundamental question is… how?

Devising the brochure design for lifestyle management business Thadeus, we quickly realised that they work in a very distinctive way. So designing for them could follow this lead.

A simple way of describing this difference is to say that Thadeus are as likely to be sourcing a pair of limited edition trainers as an Hermès handbag.

There’s a combination of thoroughness with informality and they apply the same vigour to both searches.

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