Yamaha Music London store window designs at Christmas

’Tis the season to be looking in shop windows, bathed in the glow of their Christmas promotions…

Needless to say these store window designs were completed months ago, probably on a boiling hot summer’s day. We designers tend to sit in tee shirts doing creative work for the coldest time of the year. We look forward to our summer holidays while trying to imagine how we might feel wrapped in knitwear and hunting for presents.

Our client providing this particular festive brief was Yamaha Music’s UK flagship store, on Wardour Street in central London.

As a 1990s art school student in London, the idea that a business I lead might one day actually design something on the amazing and iconic Wardour Street would have been … bonkers. And yet – here we are. Best of all, it looks really great. A colourful, modern celebration of all things musical from the classical to the bang up to date in a extravagant festive motif.

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Hat trick! Three nominations for the Solutions Awards 2017!

Solutions Awards 2017

I am incredibly proud to say that we have been nominated in a fantastic THREE categories for our work this past year in the print industry’s Solutions Awards 2017 – which come up in November.

The nominations are for two major projects – the Shine Winners Book which we completed back in June and the Scarfes Bar menu for Rosewood London which was introduced back in the Spring after several months work.

I am going to write in more depth about on our work for Shine – particularly from a paper specification and environmental perspective – next week, but this post focusses on a new introduction to our work for Scarfes Bar which hopefully gives some interesting in-depth background about the design process we went through.


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Die cut print adds a perfect finish to Shine 2017

die cut print

High summer in our calendar always means the completion of a project we are particularly fond of – the winners book of the Shine School Media Awards.

It’s our fourth year working on Shine and each time we try and bring a fresh perspective to it – and this year I was really keen to try die cut print… which, as you can see, did indeed happen.

However, I am getting ahead of myself. This endeavour is a true team effort. We give our time to Shine, effectively sponsoring the awards scheme, as do our brilliant collaborators – Denmaur Independent Papers and Pureprint. Once again, they were on board,  so we went for it – and I am really pleased with the end result.

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New print design: the RSA Future Work Centre

RSA Future Work Centre

We have a really exciting new print design project that I’ve just published on our portfolio – new work for the Royal Society of Arts: the launch of the RSA Future Work Centre.

Last week I was lucky enough to attend RSA Director Matthew Taylor’s annual lecture in the centre of London. The theme was ‘Good Work For All’ and prepares the ground for the major review of working practices that will be published in June. This has been commissioned by the Government and was even mentioned in the Spring budget by the Chancellor earlier this year.

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We’re a Solutions Awards 2016 winner!

Solutions Awards 2016 winner

Call it demure British diffidence, but in the many years running this business I’ve only rarely entered our work for awards.

Generally we win new work, complete it, do our level best to ensure our clients are happy and we get paid. That’s quite the triumph in itself.

Plus there’s that whole ‘David and Goliath’ thing going on: how could we hope to compete with the big agencies and their massive PR clout? It’s a bit of a shortlist of ‘reasons not to do it’.

But that’s all been turned on its head by – us actually winning an award!

There it is, at the top of this post: the print industry’s Solutions Award, which we won yesterday at the Café de Paris in central London.

We were nominated in two categories for our work on behalf of the Shine School Media Awards Winners Book – and are incredibly thrilled and delighted to have won in the Environment category.

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2016 event design for Friends of Cathedral Music

2016 event design

Over the last few months we have been working with the charity Friends of Cathedral Music on a remarkable endeavour – to hold an event at St Paul’s Cathedral bringing together church choirs from across the UK to take part in a fundraising concert. For us it’s been fantastic to return to a project associated with St Paul’s, a client of since I started the business in 2003. Indeed, this 2016 event design project has been a reminder of another piece of work we did for the Cathedral itself a couple of years ago.

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