Yamaha Music London store window designs at Christmas

’Tis the season to be looking in shop windows, bathed in the glow of their Christmas promotions…

Needless to say these store window designs were completed months ago, probably on a boiling hot summer’s day. We designers tend to sit in tee shirts doing creative work for the coldest time of the year. We look forward to our summer holidays while trying to imagine how we might feel wrapped in knitwear and hunting for presents.

Our client providing this particular festive brief was Yamaha Music’s UK flagship store, on Wardour Street in central London.

As a 1990s art school student in London, the idea that a business I lead might one day actually design something on the amazing and iconic Wardour Street would have been … bonkers. And yet – here we are. Best of all, it looks really great. A colourful, modern celebration of all things musical from the classical to the bang up to date in a extravagant festive motif.

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Poster design directs the way

Ever since I started this business, we’ve come back to one key genre of project time and time again – poster design. I thought this would make a good topic for a blog post as we are working on a new retail project at the moment which is going to require a lot of large-format visuals and I’ve been reviewing our poster design work over the years.

Typically when we work on a project of this kind, we end up raking through books and magazines, random Pinterest boards and even photos taken during holidays or the odd iPhone snapshot or two here in London.

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Visiting our wine trade design client Le Verre Gourmand

wine trade design

In the past year we’ve worked on a number of great projects for our wine trade design client Le Verre Gourmand.

The first of these was the corporate branding for the company, which is based in the ski resort region of Chamonix and Megève, in eastern France. Following agreement of the design, the branding went on to appear on stationery, building signage, their fleet of delivery vans and online.

However, until last weekend we had never visited the warehouse and seen the logo in situ. So, given it’s August and it’s pretty wonderful in that part of the world at the best of times, but particularly now, last weekend we headed down to the small town of Passy where the warehouse is situated to take a look and take one or two photos for our portfolio.

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Mansford’s new London signage design

We’ve been working on a series of London signage design projects for the real estate investment management firm Mansford, and this week has seen the finishing of their new offices on Haymarket.

A few weeks back I wrote about the new signage we’ve installed outside 600 King’s Road, one of Mansford’s properties currently undergoing refurbishment in Chelsea. That project was an unusual one, focussing on the deployment of the Mansford brand outside one of their holdings.

Over the past few weeks, we have been completing a series of great projects following their move to new offices in the former Burberry building on Haymarket. Our work with Mansford stretches back many years, and originally involved designing their company identity in 2006, so updating the implementation of the design has been a real pleasure.

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Designed in Chelsea

Design in Chelsea

It’s an exciting moment: we’ve just finished our first design project in Chelsea, for a Chelsea client.

Even better, it’s on the King’s Road, and seen by hundreds of motorists and passers-by every day. This piece of work itself is comparatively small, a sign for our long-time real estate investment client Mansford, but it’s feels like a major achievement in our new neighbourhood. A bonus is that it’s on one of the most beautiful buildings on the Chelsea Design Quarter strip: 600 King’s Road, with the gorgeous ironwork facade and famous clock you can see above, which we’ve drawn as part of the sign.

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