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And the next chapter in our wine story is…

We love wine… and we love working for wine companies even more. Over the past few years we’ve done a lot of both! Most recently with Oddbins, for whom our work concluded earlier this year and Castelnau Wine Agencies, with the design of their website and great one-off print items like promo leaflets for their¬†Tour de France champagne bottle featured at Spirited Wines. It’s given us a great niche: wine company design.


Castelnau Wine Agencies

We’ve been working with the team at Castelnau for many years: originally as their previous incarnation as Patriarche, then more recently with a new French ownership.

We originally designed the Patriarche website, but have recently been working with Castelnau on promotional work with Spirited Wines for this year’s Tour de France.


Wine company design: Leaflets for Castelnau Wine Agencies


Le Verre Gourmand

Our big wine client of 2014 has been Le Verre Gourmand, a wine wholesaler based in Montpelier, France. We developed their new identity earlier in the year…


Wine company design: Logo design for Le Verre Gourmand


… and this has gone on to appear on all their branding, tee shirts, puffa jackets, vehicle branding and signage at trade shows.

It’s been a hugely exciting client for us and has seen our work appear mainly in France, as Le Verre’s offices are based between Chamonix and Megeve.


Chemin des Pins

We have just completed our first wine labels for ‘Chemin Des Pins‘, a new wine brand which has a wide range of varieties in terms of grapes, not just the obvious ‘white and red’.

And here’s the full high-resolution image of the wine label. And we can’t wait to get stuck in and taste the end result. It’s clearly a… er…. vintage project for us…


Wine company design: Wine label designs for Chemin des Pins


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