The last of the independents: branding the back office

If maths isn’t your strong suit, you tend not to become a mathematician, you hire an accountant instead. It’s a lesson I’ve learned well over the last twenty years: seek out the help of people who are good at the things I’m not. A good application of complementary strengths shall we say.

Funnily enough, this article is about Langham Hall, a firm who handle (among other things) accounting administration. In fact in their particular case, many of the services they offer are legally required to be run by a regulated independent agency. So, as a third party, presenting themselves well is key, not least because with most of their competition swallowed up in a series of mergers, they are the last independent back office business in the UK.

Ultimately, branding the back office needs to be elegant, strike the right tone and have a sense of individuality. Something we can definitely bring to the party.

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