Modern legal practice web design for Miles Preston Family Law

In all the law firm work we’ve been engaged in, I’d say ‘modernity’ was rarely part of the conversation. We always discuss how a firm would like to be perceived and the messages they want to get across, but I’d say that a sense of reliability and continuity is far more central to our usual brief.

However, our work for boutique firm Miles Preston did something rather different. From the outset, a sense of doing things their own, common sense-driven way drove the conversation. Our work refreshed their brand and defined a sense of how they do things, set out amid modern legal practice web design. Along the way there have been one or two surprises as well, not least a superb photo shoot and the printing of a stylish set of business stationery.

Branding and stationery design for Miles Preston Family Law

Practice makes perfect

We were first approached by the team at Miles Preston in early 2021 and began discussing what they’d like to do with what had become a highly respected brand. Their existing web presence had become significant problem. It hadn’t been looked at in many years, didn’t adapt to different screen sizes and was complex to amend.

Our brief was to consider anew how the business presented itself, particularly with a visual language of updated typography and colour. Every legal design project we’re involved in has it’s own personality, but a fresh approach defined our decision making here. We started by choosing Swiss Typefaces’ font Riviera Nights as the signature type of the firm, which we’ve then applied to every aspect of our work, including throughout the new website.

Speaking of which, with the new livery, the online part of the project has ended up as a very smart case study in modern legal practice web design. Using new photography (about which more shortly) alongside the type and colour palette, a crisp use of language helped further define Miles Preston. In particular, it spoke to personal service and sensitivity at what are invariably difficult moments for their clients.

Firm decisions

When we looked at how best to create branded visuals on the Miles Preston project, we propose a variety of options. First among these was an exploration of new architectural illustration. However after looking at a set of creative drawing concepts, there was a sense of divided opinion among the partners as to whether this captured who they are as a firm. Ultimately, we went a different route: it was felt that custom photography of the area around the firm’s offices might work better.

To complete the assignment, we discussed the shoot with photographer Steve Lancefield. He loved the idea and in particular the concept of a set of images that combined classic London landmarks with modern architecture. Much of the shoot focussed on these contrasts, as well as some really beautiful images in the winding back streets behind Fleet Street near the firm’s offices. Working on a scalding day at the height of summer, we wandered miles around London Wall, Fetter Lane and Holborn.

The end result was a fantastic set of shots, which when edited and put together, create a subtle yet incredibly strong story of old and new together. An allegory for fresh approach and depth of expertise. Ultimately that combination defines our modern legal practice web design project for Miles Preston and sets the stage for a new beginning for the firm as their partnership grows.

Modern legal practice web design is a great investment

Working across the different nice providers of financial services, great, original design is vital. If you’re working at a long-standing business, are just getting started – or feel nobody ‘quite gets’ your ideas and ethos, why not get in touch to discuss a range of different approaches?

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