Why our latest private guesthouse website opts for a ‘softer sell’

private guesthouse website

We’ve recently completed a private guesthouse website with a bit of a difference. Usually the sales plan adopted by any kind of hotel or hospitality project involves a ‘hard push’, with a focus on the most optimised marketing to a specific audience.

However with the work we’ve done for a rural farm, incorporating newly refurbished accommodation and a wide range of photo shoot locations, the approach has been rather different.

For a start, the property is a private home, with ongoing use by a couple, albeit one that travels year-round. Then there’s the overall ethos of the place, which is charming, easygoing and friendly, amid a quiet local community. This called for a more casual, friendly design brief – with plenty of creativity.

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Elegant custom design folder for London Base

custom design folder

We’ve recently completed work on the first phase of a new project for our long-time property management client London Base.

The team had a requirement for an imaginative solution to how to present the detailed information that comes with each apartment. This could be from the mundane such as wifi passwords or how to operate an air conditioning unit to something a little more trip-enhancing such as cultural information about the neighbourhood.

Having worked on a series of menu design projects recently we had seen some prototypes of the sort of custom design folders that many luxury hotels use. These are leather-bound, hard-wearing and still very beautiful. With this in mind, we pitched the idea of this sort of folder to the London Base team.

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New luxury hotel print design – The Mirror Room

luxury hotel print design

At the outset of our work for Rosewood London, back in January, one of the key projects we were asked to complete was a redesign of the menus for The Mirror Room, their restaurant and afternoon tea space. A great piece of luxury hotel print design, this new menu is cool and elegant – while being practical for everyday use at a busy hotel where things change quickly.

Our previous work for Rosewood focussed on a custom, raspberry leather-covered menu for Scarfes Bar. We loved the opulence of that project and the unexpected illustrations within. But this project for The Mirror Room is rather different, representing a new sort of challenge – and perhaps another design approach.

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New luxury hotel design work for Rosewood London

luxury hotel design

Over the past three months we’ve been working alongside the communications team at Rosewood London, the luxury hotel in the heart of London’s Holborn.

Our work has focussed on the design of a menu system for their elegant cocktail bar and ‘club room’, Scarfes Bar. This week the first part of this work has appeared within and outside the Bar and I’ve been along to photograph the menus in situ.

It’s been a while since we had new luxury hotel design work on our portfolio and it’s a real pleasure to see this project completed.

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