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New luxury hotel print design – The Mirror Room

At the outset of our work for Rosewood London, back in January, one of the key projects we were asked to complete was a redesign of the menus for The Mirror Room, their restaurant and afternoon tea space. A great piece of luxury hotel print design, this new menu is cool and elegant – while being practical for everyday use at a busy hotel where things change quickly.

Our previous work for Rosewood focussed on a custom, raspberry leather-covered menu for Scarfes Bar. We loved the opulence of that project and the unexpected illustrations within. But this project for The Mirror Room is rather different, representing a new sort of challenge – and perhaps another design approach.



As we began this project we had a specific brief to devise a menu system that retained all the elegance you would expect from a menu at one of London’s best hotels – with a pre-determined format.

In other spaces in the hotel, particularly the Holborn Dining Room, an A5 folded menu using thick card had proven successful, so we were charged with rolling out this model to The Mirror Room. For us, the challenge was finding a way to ensure it was the kind of ‘five star’ menu Rosewood were looking for, within this medium.

We worked with GFSmith to choose ‘Smoke’,  a paper stock from their Colorplan range. We then drafted a design using greys throughout which was silver foil-blocked on to the cover.

No designer really loves practical concerns, but in a busy restaurant any kind of paper is going to show up finger-prints and marks. Even that is before they have scuffs, dents or bashed corners. Needless to say, these menus need some kind of shelf-life. So despite it taking away GFSmith’s beautiful uncoated paper finish from the outside, the menus have been matt-laminated so that at least they could survive the wipe of a damp cloth.

What it means is that the cool, perfect colour is maintained alongside an easy-to-change system of a smart fabric elastic band to hold the menu in place. The result is that on-brand, practical system is created.


The new menu system devised for The Mirror Room at Rosewood London – a good example of luxury hotel print design

The new menu system devised for The Mirror Room at Rosewood London – a good example of luxury hotel print design



As a companion piece to the menu, we have also devised a card which is presented to Mirror Room clients at the end of the meal containing their bill.

We had a look at a wide range of different ways of doing this – in part by looking at what other hotels and restaurants use. Then, with the encouragement of the marketing team at Rosewood, designed something bespoke for them.

A little larger and taller than the design we started with, this finished folder is rather a smart end result. A satisfying end result for a very simple project.


The bill card for The Mirror Room at Rosewood London – a good example of luxury hotel print design



We have completed a series of projects for Rosewood focussed on design solutions that work specifically for them. These are always with their brand in mind – but we aim to offer a smart and interesting take on the briefs we receive every time.

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