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Elegant custom design folder for London Base

We’ve recently completed work on the first phase of a new project for our long-time property management client London Base.

The team had a requirement for an imaginative solution to how to present the detailed information that comes with each apartment. This could be from the mundane such as wifi passwords or how to operate an air conditioning unit to something a little more trip-enhancing such as cultural information about the neighbourhood.

Having worked on a series of similar projects recently we had seen some prototypes of the sort of custom design folder that many luxury businesses use. These are leather-bound, hard-wearing and still very beautiful. With this in mind, we pitched the idea of this sort of folder to the London Base team.


An elegant solution

Our new custom design folder for London Base was created in collaboration with the team at Gavin Martin Colournet.

We had initially scoped out this concept as part of our work for the Rosewood Hotel in Holborn when we were considering a range of ways they might present their menus.

In fact the requirements London Base had are rather similar. The folders needed to feel like a totally original piece of design but at the same time react to a series of practical concerns such as being hard-wearing and tough.

The folders are covered with a thin chocolate brown leather an then stamped with a silver foiled die-stamp of the London Base brand identity we developed as the business launched.

Our custom-made property folders for London Base

Our custom-made property folders for London Base

Our custom-made property folders for London Base


A custom design folder that’s right for your business?

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