Digital and print design for the ETF Ecosystem Unwrapped 2024 conference

At my first meeting with financial data consultancy EquityWatch, Managing Director Kelly Atkinson made clear that they wanted to do the massive rebrand project with an important destination: being ready for a really significant European ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) conference. That was back in August 2023. As is sometimes the way with really significant design projects and hard deadlines, I’ll confess that despite having done this so many times, there can be a somewhat daunting pit-of-stomach moment where the page is completely blank and I think, ‘gaaaaah, I wonder what that will look like…’

Well, the good news is that I wonder no more.

With the fantastic new EquityWatch logo and website completed and launched back in March, we then moved on to digital and print design for the ETF Ecosystem Unwrapped 2024 event which is happening this week. I went along to see the work we’d done in person and was really pleased with how everything had turned out.

digital and print design for the ETF ecosystem

Our new EquityWatch logo

Background to our work with EquityWatch

The EquityWatch design project is a classic case of storytelling, building a brand design that has real resonance with what the firm does. Primarily this is providing their clients with complex data around their shareholders which can offer real insight into the web of people that shape who makes up any organisation. Given this idea of uncovering this hitherto unknowable information, our design concept was centred around vision and foresight, clarity and focus.

The finished branding for EquityWatch combines a fantastic new logo which expands into a series of brand patterns that animate across the website. These provide motion, interest and guide a user from each section while never distracting from the content. That’s a hard brief to fulfil. Another is how to avoid the pages being too repetitive, but pleasingly the minimal use of a thoughtful range of brand colours throughout offer pace and interest, creating anticipation from one page to the next.

One of the challenges we as creatives face when creating fresh digital and print design for not just the ETF ecosystem but financial services business more generally is how to back up what they do without resorting to meaningless cliché. I believe this striking piece of highly graphic work, applying modern vector animation at its heart, does just that.

digital and print design for the ETF ecosystem
digital and print design for the ETF ecosystem

From digital to print design for ETF Ecosystem Unwrapped 2024

At corporate events, there are often scant resources for a services firm like EquityWatch to truly cut through when marketing themselves. However, increasingly we’ve noticed that there’s been a massive return of the ultimate networking tool which works like no other: the business card. Theoretically this went out of fashion during the pandemic, never to return. Yet in the past year the demand for a fantastic card has been back like never before. What can I say but: how incredibly satisfying. It turns out that a sharp piece of graphic design, at 85 by 55 millimetres, goes a long way, even in the brand design for a tech firm.

In addition we also supplied digital artwork for screens at the event guiding visitors to EquityWatch’s stand. We tend to find that the temptation to go too salesy on a piece of wayfinding is a mistake. So, rather than clutter it with information, we’ve kept it to EquityWatch’s elegant and distinctive brand colours. These are also applied to a set of rollerbanners which rely on a fairly classic call-and-response messaging.

The end result feels like a real full-circle moment, delivering to EquityWatch all the assets they briefed in at the start of the project and creating what is ultimately a really strong piece of digital and print design for an ETF ecosystem specialist. As for me and my nervous stomach, I am pleased to say that looking at everything we’ve done for the firm, I feel a different emotion with all the work complete: a real sense of pride.

digital and print design for the ETF ecosystem

Our digital and print design for the ETF Ecosystem Unwrapped event in May 2024

Strong design delivers strong results

For our clients in the boutique financial services side of the City, specialism is their definition. Standing out counts for everything. Our work, including digital and print design for the ETF ecosystem, is wide ranging and we thrive on the challenge of creating distinctive branding.

If you’re looking for a great partner to rethink the visual appearance of your firm, why not get in touch to discuss a range of different approaches? Whether you’re in the UK or work across Europe, we can work on designs from the creative to the corporate, depending on your brief and budget.

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