Branding and web design for medical services firm BeSure Testing

Knowledge is power (so long as it’s put to work!) and in the course of our work we learn so much with clients across multiple different technologies and industries. The result is that our experience becomes both general and specific in fields such as real estate, interior design or the energy industry. Then, with any luck, we can apply what we learn across different project to every new client. I tend to think this diversity creates a virtuous circle of learning, creativity and knowledge.

Our latest project – in the field of branding and web design for medical services – is currently being realised and it’s so satisfying. In this case, the work is around two interconnected projects supporting a new mammogram technology; with one developing the tech, the other delivering it.

This is not a test

Last October we spent some intense weeks working for Sure, Inc., the firm who was launching Bexa, a highly innovative new breast exam technology. The client-facing brand identity of the product wasn’t changing, but we ended up rethinking every other aspect of the business design, look and feel on a new website. The project is ongoing and there are many exciting developments coming along later in 2023 – and my plan is to write more about that later this spring.

However, a subsequent, related project has in a way leapfrogged it (at least in terms of my telling its story here). If Bexa is the technology, BeSure Testing is a company that is working to deliver it. Following our work on the Bexa relaunch, we were introduced to the team at BeSure including their staff in London. This proximity served to efficiently launch a simple ‘version 1.0’ website at the end of 2022. Whilst time and distance is no barrier to any project these days, sometimes working directly helps with tight-deadline projects.

However, this new project is firmly in full launch mode now. We’re building on a brand identity we developed last Autumn, a really smooth, beautiful piece of branding I like more and more. The thinking behind it is that the very nature of a test is that the result is (generally, and certainly in the case of BeSure) binary. After thinking about it, we drilled this down to a minimal graphic device of a divided circle. The idea is that when it came to the design of the site, it could be pulled apart, make a pattern, indicate one thing or another. We also built a ‘B’ symbol from it. The system has worked out really well – as the web layouts coming up show.

Our branding and web design for medical services firm BeSure Testing

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3

The one-page site we put up at the end of 2022 (the v.1.0 I mentioned) for BeSure focussed on their longstanding corporate Covid-19 testing operations. While BeSure had long-planned to roll out Bexa breast exam technology and had a license to do so, the pandemic severely complicated matters, forcing a temporary pivot. With infrastructure that would support a premium testing facility in care homes, companies or to performing musicians or actors (among many other similar applications), it made sense to build an offering around that.

Thank goodness, three years later, things have moved on, but from our perspective the one-pager wasn’t a wasted exercise. We knew this page it was going to be a relatively temporary exercise, yet unusually we went about it as though we were creating a full website. The design scheme was highly sophisticated and polished, with graphics and imagery that were almost overkill for their purpose. Essentially we wanted to create a scheme that would work on a full site.

Last year’s Covid site took a user through each part of the company’s facilities – and the detailed work we did at that stage has proven a sound approach. The single page been somewhat largely retained and absorbed into the new website which we designed around it. Just as we had intended, the first stage of work has proven a useful creative baseline for the new project.

Our branding and web design for medical services firm BeSure Testing

Tests deliver results

While the approach around corporate Covid testing made sense for that function, explaining the background to a new technology that could save women’s lives the world over was a very different proposition. Every aspect of our creative approach to the site needed to be rest on two watchwords: functional and reassuring.

As part of this work, we decided to revisit the use of type. We did a series of pieces of visual research around the best medical or information websites and found the ones we rated highest tended to use a single, signature typeface. The effect is to give an informative, unfussy approach. It removes the businesslike angle and offers clarity and readability at all sizes and devices.

Yet BeSure is a little different too. Aimed at women, the site design is based around a brand language of curves and images. We found ways of setting out content in the most accessible possible way, albeit allowing for some interaction. Our intention was to use programming techniques to divide the text and set it out in digestible, easy to read sections. Colour and contrast ensures the content feels accessible and friendly.

Our branding and web design for medical services firm BeSure Testing

Process and rollout – how our branding and web design for medical services project happened

Ultimately the end result of this project was as a direct result of a business evolving in reaction to the market and understanding the right time to launch and the nature of their brand. BeSure have given the idea of people, timing and offering a great deal of thought and their guidance of the end result has meant a true collaboration at every stage.

If you run or are launching a similar sort of business and you’re interested in working with us on its rollout, do get in touch. We understand that if you require a branding and web design for medical services, you will need us to consider options beyond the off-the-shelf stock image or ready-made template kit. Whether you run a medical practice or a marketing department, we’d be interested in discussing your project, wherever you are in the world.

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