Our branding design for architecture practice Mountford Pigott granted the prestigious ‘Stationers’ Warrant’ 2022

As I looked over the collective projects of 2021, considering which to include in an application for a Stationers’ Company Warrant, one was a clear frontrunner. Some projects come into sharp focus as being particularly successful, matching a client brief, response and delivering a strong creative outcome. Our branding design for architecture practice Mountford Pigott to mark their centenary seemed to me to combine all these elements. So with that decision reached, I pulled together an application in December and sent it off – then closed the office for the end of year break.

To my great delight, I had a letter this past week telling me that the Warrant, a recognition of excellence within the communications and content industries, has been granted. It’s rather different from an award – a professional endorsement is a little nearer the mark – but is no less exciting as it’s our first such success.

About the Mountford Pigott project

During the summer of 2020, we were approached by the partners of Mountford Pigott to enter a competitive tender for their new website. The project was vital to them and time sensitive as it was being launched to mark the practice’s centenary in 2021. As part of the work, we suggested that their branding be updated subtly to include fresh typography, while embracing the existing colour palette and styling, yet reimagining its application overall.

Central to the notion of embracing the centenary was the inclusion of not just their latest work, but also projects that stretch back to the founding of the business and in the years after that as the practice grew. We’re often asked to handle work for interiors specialists or property and real estate companies which involve working with high quality, newly-shot imagery. However this project included all of these as well as a fascinating selection of archive material, most of it never seen in public, and certainly not on the web.

The project was achieved on time and budget, including all the dozens of individual build profiles and their respective imagery, as we’d planned, going live as the year turned. On reflection it’s a strong, deeply sound piece of work that echoes the values and thoughtful detail that Mountford Pigott put into all their work, from 1911 to today.

branding design for architecture practice

Centenary branding design for architecture practice Mountford Pigott

“Many congratulations.

“We’re delighted that your project on our behalf was recognised in this way.”

Anna Ryten

branding design for architecture practice
branding design for architecture practice

Screenshots from our portfolio website for Mountford Pigott

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