Creating Skyral – people-first graphic design for an AI business

There are the projects where I meet a client and think – ‘yes, this makes sense to me, I can see what we’d be able to do here’. That’s often because it’s in an industry we know well, or the brief is very straightforward. Then again, there’s the piece of work where what’s required, its end product and how we’d get there is clear, but the industry or premise is nothing short of out of the blue. This is the story of the latter.

This project, for data fusion, visualisation, and simulation specialists Skyral, is in a sense completely creatively contrary. In this job, the technology is so sophisticated, I don’t know if I would have been shocked if I had been told that we were out of a job and their systems were going to churn out their branding simply by being asked nicely. But, satisfyingly, it was created by hand, very much a case of totally custom graphic design for an AI business.

Skyral works at the cutting-edge intersection of software development, artificial intelligence and data modelling. They work for governments and enterprise clients in fields as diverse as energy, telecoms, and financial services.

Not easily categorised or explained, Skyral has been an intense project that required a simple yet beautiful end result. This is how we got there.

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