A great new London plumbers web design project

London plumbers web design

Sometimes we get asked to do a new project, sometimes we chase it. The first approach definitely means a more straightforward ‘brief > proposal > work’ trajectory… but that second one can be pretty interesting too.

I had this bee in my bonnet about working for a local plumbing firm – and I had long-admired the bold logo of My Plumber Man who had been based in Putney for around ten years.

When they recently moved to Munster Road in Fulham, I dropped by and had a go at persuading Rory, the MD, to commission a new website.

It was this summer, when work was more manageable and he had more time on his hands to focus on a project like this, that he agreed to go ahead – and so our great London plumbers web design project began.

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Short video design for the Shine School Media Awards

short video design

It’s been a little while since I discussed our work for the Shine School Media Awards… it was back over the summer when 2015’s ceremony took place and hundreds of teenagers visited Stationers’ Hall in central London. On the day itself, one of my fellow judges and I decided to capture the day, on some level at least, by filming the workshops and the busy Hall itself as it filled with contenders with a view to at some point doing ‘something interesting’ with the footage. And lo and behold… here it is, a new short video design which is now on YouTube.

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