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Reflects well! A sixth print award nomination for Shine, our charity project

It’s been such a strange week, month, year, you name it, for all of us. Disorienting would be one word for it. Nothing has gone to plan but then, I was contemplating the other day, as an entrepreneur, does it ever? The best approach I’ve come up with is just to acknowledge (perhaps even enjoy) the present but aim for the future.

Then, now and again, amid all this strangeness, comes along something really wonderful. We’ve received a print award nomination for the sixth year running at the industry’s Solutions Awards. The nomination covers our work over the years on our charity project The Shine School Media Awards.

The news has delivered such a boost to us. At the end of a long, long year of work in the weirdest circumstances, here we are with a wonderful recognition and however things pan out at the (online) ceremony in November, achievement.

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‘Richard was highly recommended to us, and boy did he and his team not disappoint.

‘The process was structured, well communicated, relaxed and very much a team collaboration with Richard expertly driving things forward. Richard is extremely approachable, an excellent listener and, importantly, knows when he needs to put his foot down to get to the next step in the process.

‘Richard and his team have a passion for what they do and care deeply about the end result.

‘The LiNa team are extremely happy with what Richard and his team delivered and we fully expect our collaboration to go on to bigger and even more exciting things in the future.’

Gene Lewis, CEO

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