Spring clean your business branding!

With the turn of the year behind us, suddenly 2017 is well underway. The days are a little longer than they were and suddenly daylight is shining on certain parts of the office which suddenly look a little too cluttered. Time for a bit of a clear-up… It makes me think: that could be advice on all sorts of levels. What about business strategy? Marketing? Corporate identity? It could be you too look around and suddenly realise – it’s time to re-work your business branding.

Needless to say (once we’ve done that tidy-up ourselves this afternoon) my team and I will be only to pleased to help you.

Having a great plan for your next step – goals, new clients to meet, sales targets, for instance – is a great starting point. There’s no point in just taking a new broom to your business if you haven’t a few ideas with what to do when you’re finished.

But if you don’t know where to begin, don’t worry…


What a fresh look can mean…

When designers talk about rebranding, this term can often be misleading or confusing. Does it mean a new logo? Or just everything around the logo while that remains static?

Truth is – every project is different in this regard. Personally, my take on this point is that ‘brand identity’ is the design of the logo itself, ‘branding’ is the application of this logo and the brand elements to… well, whatever you need them applied to.

Some of our recent work showcases good examples of how different business branding projects, each with their own scope, can work.

Our brief from custom jeweller Taylor & Hart was simple: they had chosen a new name and worked up a brand design they wanted to work with, could we design a new website around it?

What a great project! We set to work with enthusiasm.

diamond jewellery website design

The Taylor & Hart website – a great example of business branding

Working directly with the team at Taylor & Hart, we painstakingly designed each page of the site to their specifications. Every aspect had been considered from the opening screens to the way that users can carefully select the exact engagement ring for them.

Launched on January 1st, it’s our first project of 2017 and a great way to start a new year.


Are you ready to sweep away the cobwebs?

We’re ready to help with…

  • a new company logo
  • a better, clearer company website – aimed directly at your customers
  • a new graphic style: photography, copy and overall look and feel

What are you waiting for? Get in touch today


Lead image on this article by Alex Jones