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Take your website to the next level: AlgoMe Consulting

This is very much ‘part two’ of a story. A sequel of sorts. Last summer we helped launch AlgoMe Consulting as a standalone business from its sister business, a corporate recruitment platform. The business plan was based on the experience the management team already had blended with the contacts amassed building the platform. It was the ideal springboard for a high value management consultancy. The work we did at the time set a distinctly different tone from their recruitment platform platform, defining the new entity in bold, colourful terms with distinctive imagery. Now, not even a year on, their next move is similarly eye-catching – an online reboot that is a great example of how to take your website to the next level.



Many of our ongoing clients approach us to work on their existing website, building on the hard work we’ve already put in devising a great site. Usually projects of this kind involve adding new features and refreshing what’s there already. The new version of the AlgoMe Consulting website takes the best elements of what we had already created and gives it a smart upgrade.

The key change is that we’ve got more content on fewer pages.

In particular, users were keen to know more about the people behind the business. To address this, we now feature the Company Directors on the newly expanded ‘About’ page. It’s extraordinary the difference this makes (to me anyway) putting a few faces and stories to the name. In fact it addresses something I felt was lacking originally. This combination of personality combined with experience and knowledge is so important for a consultancy. It imbues the site with a sense of trust.

Other key features we’ve worked on are a Careers section with the aim of recruiting a new generation of talent to the business and a completely re-worked Expertise page explains all areas of AlgoMe Consulting’s work and approach to their clients.

The new AlgoMe Consulting website – a great case study in how to take your website to the next level



Many of our clients ask for a News section on their site – and we’re always happy to oblige. As it ‘beds in’, it’s a real pleasure to see that feature used properly. To do this, a business should create a great mix of company announcements, financial data, client wins and – most importantly today I would suggest – thought leadership in their industry.

Finding the right blend of articles that combine to make a News feature work well is key. In fact, this is pretty simple. The key is an understanding what is going to work for the site and its audience. If this has a a dedicated, creative member of staff to write the pieces and keep them interesting, even better.

There are many benefits to having a strong News feature, primary among them being a reason for clients to return to the site beyond just looking up the background of the Directors or trying to find the phone number. Not least among these is a sense of ‘currency’ – having a perspective and having a finger on the pulse. It’s also hugely valuable for search engines who see a growing, busy site full of relevant content.

With an emphasis on this being a more personality-led business and sharper emphasis on services, this revamped site means AlgoMe Consulting is in an enviable position as they expand their marketing programme.

The new AlgoMe Consulting website – desktop and mobile versions – a great case study in how to take your website to the next level



The AlgoMe Consulting website was deliberately created as a memorable piece of graphic design, ensuring they stand out against the competition. Does this approach resonate with you? If so, please give us a call on 020 7351 4083.

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