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Embracing creative change, however it arrives

Embracing creative change, however it arrives

If I’ve learned anything over my years running a design business it’s that what I call ‘creative change’ is essential. In fact, our very business model depends on the evolution and improvement of the our clients’ branding.

This can come in many forms. Perhaps a new staff member has a great marketing idea that needs a clever execution. Something completely new.

Maybe the overall look of a website we’ve worked on for many years needs an overhaul. Being precious about work completed in the past is time wasted when this is an opportunity – the design could be refined and reimagined. Made fresh.

Just recently though, change of a different kind was visited upon me in an unexpected way which inspired this post. After six years, our chief digital designer Riccardo, much beloved of our clients (and me!) decided to take his career in a new direction. So… having absorbed this news and determined not to panic, it begged the question: what next?

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‘I had a very particular vision for the website I wanted for my new legal practice, and Richard and his team brought that vision to life.

‘I wanted a website that stayed clear of the outdated, clunky images and graphics of so many law firm websites, and that projected a sleek and modern look that is easy to navigate.

‘Richard understood exactly what I had in mind and delivered a website that is visually appealing, easy to use and sets my practice apart from the rest.’


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