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What is London’s graphic design style?

At a party, a fairly typical question is, ‘what do you do for a living..?’ to which I always answer that ‘I am a graphic designer’.

Which is obviously the bald fact, though running a small business is rather more involved than that, but starting down that line of conversation can be just a little off-putting at a party or when you’ve met someone who doesn’t necessarily want to hear about that minutiae.

Anyway, an incredibly commonplace but slightly bizarre next question which always throws me is, ‘so… what do you actually design?’ – graphic design itself being a sort of vague cover-all for many potential sins, apparently.

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What is London’s graphic design style?

Recent work

Jamie Aston – florist and flower school

Jamie Aston – florist and flower school

Jamie Aston has been a client since 2008 when we first designed their site. Since then we’ve kept on creating new versions of the site as time has passed – this is the third version we’ve designed.

This latest-iteration is a from-the-ground up redesign and introduces not only a shop to buy flowers online but a new booking and payment system for the flower school. It’s one of the most ambitious sites we’ve ever created from a design and technical perspective.

Jamie and his team art directed an incredible, eye-catching photoshoot with models and flowers together, and this became the signature visual look overall.

A key component of our design is a long, scrolling homepage with many separate elements. It’s hard to explain or demo this without showing a long visual – so that’s what follows below.

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