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How to make Pinterest work for your SME

For me, Pinterest is different. Different from the frenetic pace of other social media where amid a constant bombardment of opinion, invective and news, a business who wants to showcase new products or visual work can find their voice rather lost. By contrast, opening up a Pinterest page for a new project is rather like shutting a door on a crazy world and steadily building a story about something fresh and emerging. It’s particularly useful for building inspiration, as well as showcasing gorgeous photography of your work, or working process.

… let’s first talk about inspiration.
Collating visual stimuli for my graphic design work has been a mainstay of a consistently familiar creative process which begun at art school. For many years this would be done by raking through design books and magazines, tearing, cutting, copying and building ‘mood boards’ on huge sheets of foamboard. Particularly useful for corporate identity projects, these messy heaps of cut up paper would gradually be pulled together into coherent themes which would in turn inspire something totally fresh. The good news (for trees everywhere) is that the entire process can now happen online, without scissors and spraymount, harvesting the seemingly inexhaustible visual resources of the web.

… secondly, showcasing your work, in depth, from every angle.
In the photography of your work, whether a standalone product or creative project such as a new piece of artwork, a vibrant poster for your business or a story about a new activity you’re undertaking, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll produce just one image. More likely it’s going to be many, almost certainly built over time. By contrast, other social media increasingly favours the single image: most Facebook posts these days on a smartphone dicate this. However Pinterest suggests a different, more comprehensive process, potentially looking at your work, explaining its purpose, use, or a range of iterations. Essentially it allows you to curate a complete visual story from beginning to end.

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How to make Pinterest work for your SME

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Royal Society of Arts

Royal Society of Arts

This new report from the RSA focusses on the annual Student Design Awards which are 90 years old this year.

The RSA approached us to design a report within the context of their brand guidelines but creating a simple, bold and memorable design motif to run through the document. After considering this carefully, one of the options we presented showcased different kinds of historical pattern. This was eventually simplified to a single simple houndstooth design.

As we worked on the cover and interior pages of the report, we began to see the appearance of the pattern as a way of showing time passing as well as being inherently a historical design element, and so the cover hints at different themes and their relevance over the years. The pattern appears in a series of different colourways throughout the report.

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