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That’s the ticket: when print design becomes precious

When we moved office last September, I ended up transporting box after box after box of all sorts of stuff. In these boxes appeared to be a vast amount of pieces of print design I’d collected over the years and quietly stored away, for what reason it’s hard to really explain. I’ve always been rather like a magpie in that respect, picking up nice things, putting them in my wallet or bag, and then squirrelling them away somewhere when I got home.

Part memory, part would-be-design-inspiration, part plain curiosity.

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That’s the ticket: when print design becomes precious

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Alpenglow Ski

Alpenglow Ski

Alpenglow Ski is a skiing holiday company specialising in chalet breaks around Europe. The word ‘alpenglow’ itself refers to the beautiful colour the mountains reflect as the sun sets – and this sets the stage for the entire brand look.

As part of this fantastic project, we’ve designed the identity for Alpenglow which was inspired by modern ski and snowboard brands we admire. Our idea is that the brand can be flexible to expand beyond the website and make an impact in resort.

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