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29 October 2014
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in Design chat, Web design

A bigger picture

Sometimes when we design websites part of the success in a job is ironically to make the design disappear. When we are working on a site where the primary content is amazing photos (and we've been very lucky in that regard to work with clients over the years who have just stunning imagery) to make the edges of the page go away is to succeed at the project.

I don't mean completely of course - clients tend to get a bit upset if you leave off their logos or telephone numbers - and then there's the bump back down to earth of including blogs, multi project pages, the inevitable Terms and Conditions... or at least a page showing who is who in the organisation (I always enjoy those). But overall, to have a vast photo and let it fill whatever device you're using then just keep on scrolling to see more and more is the holy grail of this type of project.

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A bigger picture

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