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How to make Facebook work for your SME

You’re busy. People to manage, income streams to watch, clients to keep happy, new business to secure. And yet at the same time you keep on reading about how you need to spend time you don’t have on Facebook – the very thing you wish your employees would stop filling up the day with when they should be working. The platform almost every big corporate actually blocks. Are they mad?


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How to make Facebook work for your SME

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The Artworks

The Artworks

Illustration agency The Artworks have been clients of ours going back many years – and because of the nature of their work they’re in possession of a treasure trove of amazing visual material that is constantly being briefed and created. So their website needs to be frame of sorts, holding all their work alongside a busy news section.

The new site opens with an amazing drawing by Tom Cole which sounds straightforward enough, but has been cleverly pieced together to work entirely responsively – as users’ browser or screen sizes change, the main headline in the centre of the page is always visible.

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