From the Horse’s Mouth: beginning 2022 with video production company brand and web design

Back in the warm days of last summer, we began talking with Oliver Mould, the founder of Horse’s Mouth Media, a new corporate film company with a growing client base in the art world, finance and tech sectors. Having started out with a home-made logo and Wix website, Oliver felt the business needed a more ambitious, professional look – and one which spoke to the sort of bold, creative approach he applies to his film-making. Having worked recently with Owen Jones in the more social media-based film world, we were really interested in the idea of a project focussed specifically on video company production brand and web design. The end result is a great project with a gutsy, modern identity design at its heart.

Our video company production brand design for Horse's Mouth Media

Making hay with a great logo

As we began the Horse’s Mouth Media project, we explored a range of different logo ideas. The name of the company offers such an opportunity to be creative and almost anarchic, so we had a lot of fun, beginning our visual research by looking at the graphic language of fanzines. We combined these ideas with the almost jarring, sharp neon ‘chromakey’ colour of the green-screen.

In the end, Oliver chose a visual pun – a clapperboard logo that speaks to his values of ‘real’ film-making (versus something shot hand held on a phone) and one that has a sly impression of a horse’s head too. A use of bold, uncompromising typography completes the concept.

We applied the green, black and a subtler grey-pink tone to a range of ideas in our design presentation, and Oliver has quickly brought these to life in the company showreel, which is on the projects section of the website and also below.


video production company brand and web design
video production company brand and web design

Our video production company web design project for Horse's Mouth Media

No long faces for this website

Extending the brand design beyond the logo was something that came very naturally. We had begun the project with a moodboard of images and visual inspiration focussing on a quirky blend of lo-fi publications and mass-media tabloids, so applying this to the website was an obvious next step.

With a specific budget, Oliver had suggested a two-page site, the landing page including a ‘micro showreel teaser’ and a gutsy set of statements that form the credo that Horse’s Mouth Media believe in – and strive to apply to their client work. The page also features a client list, key data about their work and a background to Oliver’s life and career to date.

A second page focussing on the company’s work to date is led with the full-length showreel, then a set of ten films for an assortment of clients from across the finance, tech and art worlds.

The end result of this video production company brand and web design project is a highly graphic reboot for Horse’s Mouth Media that positions them as a lively new player in the corporate film scene with a unique voice.

video production company brand and web design
video production company brand and web design

Our video production company web design project for Horse's Mouth Media

“We much enjoyed working with Richard. He enforces simplicity to heart and leaves you with many creative solutions with explanations to why he chooses the direction he believes in.

“What stands out with Richard’s work is his presentation, eye for detail an organisation which is so important for the ‘modern-day shop window’. He gives you a wealth of creative options and from your choice, aligns them with a sophisticated and clean ‘look’ that stands out from the crowd.

“Would highly recommend his services.”

Oliver Mould

If you’re a media or video production company, investing brand and web design is a smart move

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