Broadcaster branding: our work defining an online visual world for journalist Owen Jones

Some projects are slow burners, others quick to catch light. Our work for journalist and broadcaster Owen Jones is definitely in the latter category. It turns out that speed drove creativity to such an extent that midway through I had to propose we paused. It was necessary to catch our breath and made sure we hadn’t completely run away with the project and created way too much stuff. It turns out we had. But, in this case, that was a (very) good thing.

Upon refection now, when it comes to broadcaster branding, the wider the remit the better even if the ideas rather than the material are in place. A consistent sweep of work across media looks better and better the more ‘stuff’, presented well, you add to the mix. Suffice to say, the project has been incredibly satisfying and looks terrific. It’s a great example of how good design and the immediacy of social media can work hand in hand.

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